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Meet Rick and Ellen

Rick nearly confused the automatic bed remote with the television remote when visiting his mother, who had been bedridden since falling and hurting her knee.

He called his local community health centre and enrolled his mom in a program where registered nurses visit seniors in their homes. The RNs assess and evaluate each senior’s physical health, explore retrofits to make their homes safer, help manage medications, and coordinate treatments with other health-care providers, such as occupational therapists. Once Rick’s mother was well enough, she began at-home therapy and fitness with an RN to improve her strength and stability, enabling her to stay in her home longer.

Falls are the leading injury-related cause of hospitalization among seniors. They can come with a hefty price to the health system and potentially to a person’s life. They are also preventable.

Stand with CNA to get enhanced community- and home-based health promotion care. Send a message to your local candidates.

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