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Meet Carrie and George

George moved into his daughter Carrie’s home after he suffered a major stroke. Overnight she went from being a daughter to the primary caregiver of a frail senior — on top of commitments to a full-time career and young family.

After his discharge, hospital staff followed up to see how he was managing. George and Carrie were connected to home health care services from a registered nurse. The RN visited their home to assess George’s progress and answer the many questions Carrie had on items related to diet, medication, mobility and more. Carrie was put in touch with a support group for families of stroke sufferers — a lifeline for her in a difficult time. The resources from the RN and community groups were integral to helping George regain his strength and independence.

Millions of Canadians care for aging relatives and friends every day, contributing an estimated $5 billion in unpaid labour annually to the health-care system. Stand with CNA to get more support for family caregivers. Send a message to your local candidates.

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