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Your Platform

You have many more ways to get your voice heard during the federal election than marking a ballot.

Contact candidates
Find your local candidates and send them a message.

Share your story
Give us your perspective on the seniors and health issues that matter most to you.

Join the conversation
Go public with Facebook and Twitter and see what others are saying.

Politicians — they’re just like us!

If you’d like to speak directly with candidates, we’ve got a few tips to get you started. Remember, your elected federal officials are in office to represent you. You’re entitled to reach out and talk to them about the issues you care about, whether in your own riding or the nation as a whole.

  1. Know your stuff. During a campaign, you never know when you’ll run into a candidate — at a neighbourhood event, grocery store or on your very own doorstep (during dinner, of course). Take some time to prepare two or three priority issues you can speak about with candidates. Or, if you’re short on time, simply print off our CNA election primer. We’ve also developed a leave-behind document that you can hand out to candidates to get them informed about our issues.
  2. Be concise and direct. You won’t always get a 30-minute meeting, so prepare to put your ideas across in just a few minutes. You’ll also have a bigger impact if you can generate a discussion, which you can do by asking open-ended questions that encourage the candidate to tell you more. If you ask whether your candidates support more assistance for family caregivers, you’ll usually only get you a resounding “yes.” So instead, ask them how they and their party will assist family caregivers.
  3. Get face time. Contact your local campaign offices for an appointment with the candidate or their staff. Be persistent and follow-up if you don’t get an immediate response. Arm yourself with our election primer to help communicate the issues and evidence clearly. Feel free to leave copies behind!
  4. Work the scene. Check with your local riding association or campaign offices to find campaign events, town halls and debates near you. These events are great opportunities to ask candidates questions and find out how they’ll take action on your priorities for better healthy aging and seniors care. And don’t forget to tweet with our #homeishealth hashtag while you’re out and about!